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The Man Who Killed The Economy

Ireland’s economic troubles threaten the financial health of Europe and even the U.S. At the heart of the multibillion-dollar crisis are two highflying bankers who some say took the country for a ride. Ireland was hailed as an economic miracle

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Albanian Muslims risked their own lives to save Jews from Nazis during World War II

Creve Coeur, MO (KSDK) — With rising anti-Muslim sentiment across the country, an untold story is raising greater awareness about the Muslim faith and the teachings of the Quran. That awareness comes from an unlikely source: a small Jewish congregation

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US, UK held secret Iraq war talks months before previously thought

United States and Britain held secret war talks with U.S. general 11 months before Iraq invasion America’s most senior general flew into Britain for top secret talks on the invasion of Iraq 11 months before the attack on Saddam Hussein’s

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England: Police apology over Muslim spy plan

Police surveillance of Muslims set up with ‘no regard for law’ Police covered up counter-terrorism unit’s £3m camera operation which spied on Muslims in Birmingham A secret police operation to place thousands of Muslims living in Birmingham under permanent surveillance was

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British politicians and media dismiss WikiLeaks details of Afghanistan war crimes

Julie Hyland Britain’s political elite are attempting to play down the so-called Afghan War Diary—the 92,000 documents published by WikiLeaks, details of which are being serialised in the Guardian newspaper. For nine years Britain’s ruling circles have presented the intervention in

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Israel Lobby Gets Congress to Stick It to Turkey

Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Armenian genocide resolution. That is the bill, kicking around for years, that recognizes the Armenian genocide as precisely that – genocide. The Turkish government has always strongly opposed the resolution, arguing –

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Global Covert Govt Inc.: Bilderberg gather forces near Barcelona

via Russia Today

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