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Myths of Austerity

Paul Krugman When I was young and naïve, I believed that important people took positions based on careful consideration of the options. Now I know better. Much of what Serious People believe rests on prejudices, not analysis. And these prejudices

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Bernanke, Geithner Put Taxpayers On The Hook For Junk Bonds, Told Congress They Were ‘Investment Grade’

Fed Made Taxpayers Unwitting Junk-Bond Buyers Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and then-New York Fed President Timothy Geithner told senators on April 3, 2008, that the tens of billions of dollars in “assets” the government agreed to purchase in

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Israel Lobby Gets Congress to Stick It to Turkey

Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Armenian genocide resolution. That is the bill, kicking around for years, that recognizes the Armenian genocide as precisely that – genocide. The Turkish government has always strongly opposed the resolution, arguing –

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Michael Bloomberg: Deny Second Amendment to People on Terror Watch List (Video)

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Police cameras to flood Manhattan to prevent attacks

By Sebastian Smith (AFP) NEW YORK — New York officials say they could stop attacks like the attempted Times Square car bomb by expanding a controversial surveillance system so sensitive that it will pick up even suspicious behavior. New York

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Seven Years of War in Iraq: Still Based on Bush and Cheney’s Torture, Lies

by Andy Worthington Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, but by now, it seems, the American people have become used to living in a state of perpetual war, even though that war was based on

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Keith Olbermann: Debunking Cheney

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