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Carter: Hamas very important for peace

Former US president Jimmy Carter on Sunday defended his plan to meet with Hamas leaders for peace talks as he kicked off a trip to the Middle East, amid criticism from Washington and Israel. Carter, who in his 2006 book

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee: New middle east nuclear arms race possible

Saudi Arabia most likely would develop nuclear weapons if Iran acquires them, according to a report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. High-level American diplomats in Riyadh with excellent access to Saudi decision-makers said an Iranian nuclear weapon frightens the

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Israel plans Egypt ‘border fence’

Israel has approved the erection of a reinforced fence along its border with Egypt to stop Palestinian militants reaching Israel via the Sinai desert. The measure was agreed by a security cabinet meeting following the temporary breach of the Gaza-Egypt

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[VIDEO] Gazans continue to pour in to Egypt

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[VIDEO] Palestinians continue to cross into Egypt for supplies

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Egypt joins Israel In Denying Medical Aid To Gazans

  When Menachem Begin signed a Peace Treaty with Anwar Sadat, I am positive that neither even dreamt this would mean the beginning of the end for the Palestinian people. Twenty eight years down the line the Egyptians are proving

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Obstacles to peace: Borders and settlements

The modern Israeli state was forged in the fires of the first Middle East war in 1948-1949, but from the beginning it was a state without clear borders. In the 1990s Israel agreed borders with Jordan, but not the Palestinians

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