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Noam Chomsky: Big Business Dictates the Presidency

Complete video at:… “Campaign funding is a remarkable predictor of election, and also of policy,” says linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky. He asserts that the Supreme Court is currently considering a lawsuit that would allow corporations to “buy

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Fired U.N. diplomat says he warned against fraud

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon fired the top U.S. official at the U.N. mission in Afghanistan on Wednesday over differences the official, Peter Galbraith, had with his boss over how to deal with charges of fraud in the Afghan presidential election.

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Republicans steal Barack Obama’s internet campaigning tricks

Since their election disaster, the right has used new media to gather strength, culminating in last weekend’s huge protest Erik Telford remembers all too vividly the dark cloud hanging over him on 5 November 2008, the day after Barack Obama

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Europe Says One-Third of Karzai Votes Are Suspect

KABUL, Afghanistan — European Union monitors said Wednesday that about one-third of the votes cast for President Hamid Karzai in the Aug. 20 election are suspicious and should be examined for fraud. Their assertion was a more serious indictment of

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Western hypocrisy – elections in Iran vs elections in Afghanistan

The “evidence” that Iranian election were stolen was the fact that the results were released too quickly. This was enough for Western politicians and media to condemn the Iranian regime and cause rage and protests of the Western public. On

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The longest 47 seconds ever

For some strange reason — it might have something to do with George W. Bush’s disapproval rating, which is the highest recorded for any president — John McCain’s campaign apparently doesn’t want its candidate seen in public with the president.

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Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has written an unusual open letter to all those in uniform, warning them to stay out of politics as the nation approaches a presidential election in which the wars in Iraq and

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