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Oil edges towards $128 a barrel

News that Saudi Arabia had boosted its oil output by 300,000 barrels a day was greeted as a non-event on oil markets — the move wasn’t anywhere near the kind of production increase needed to bring prices down on Friday.

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Fed Cuts Rates Quarter Point

The Last Time Interest Rates Were This Low Was December 2004 The Federal Reserve once again cut a key interest rate, trying to do whatever it can to keep the economy from grinding to a complete stop. Today’s quarter-point cut

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Ex-Fed Official Says Bear Deal ‘worst policy mistake in a generation’

Fed’s Bailout Is Questioned by Ex-Staffer The Federal Reserve’s rescue of Bear Stearns Cos. will come to be seen as its “worst policy mistake in a generation,” a former top Fed staffer said. Vincent Reinhart: An ex-Fed player’s Monday-morning quarterbacking.

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Europe’s Philosophy of Failure

In France and Germany, students are being forced to undergo a dangerous indoctrination. Taught that economic principles such as capitalism, free markets, and entrepreneurship are savage, unhealthy, and immoral, these children are raised on a diet of prejudice and bias.

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The silent tsunami

Food prices are causing misery and strife around the world. Radical solutions are needed   PICTURES of hunger usually show passive eyes and swollen bellies. The harvest fails because of war or strife; the onset of crisis is sudden and

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US bank admits sub-prime emergency

  · Wachovia to cover losses with $7bn fundraising  · Uncertainty continues over Bradford & Bingley The gloom enveloping the banking sector worsened yesterday after America’s fourth-largest bank, Wachovia, admitted it needed to raise $7bn through an emergency fundraising after running up

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Bush proposal would give Federal Reserve more authority, SEC-CFTC merger

WASHINGTON — A plan announced Friday would give the U.S. Federal Reserve more authority to monitor financial markets and intervene when stability is threatened. The Treasury Department is to introduce the detailed proposal Monday. It would need approval from Congress.

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