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German Rail Under Fire for Controversial Israeli Project

Peace activists have strongly criticized a planned high-speed rail line in Israel that will cut through the West Bank and deprive Palestinian communities of land. A subsidiary of Germany’s national rail operator apparently helped plan the line, and critics claim

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Israeli court: Soldiers used Palestinian boy as human shield

An Israeli military court on Sunday convicted two soldiers of using a Palestinian child as a human shield by forcing him to check for booby traps during the 2008-2009 Gaza war. A transcript of the court decision made available by

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Judge rules that regardless of evidence that 3 Guantánamo detainees were TORTURED TO DEATH and later declared ‘suicides’ by the Pentagon in a cover-up, their families should be denied a hearing in court due to ‘national security concerns’.

AFP: US judge dismisses hearing into Guantanamo ‘suicides’ WASHINGTON — A US federal judge dismissed Wednesday a complaint by the families of two Guantanamo detainees who alleged the men’s deaths in 2006 had been covered up when the Pentagon ruled

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Israeli court recognizes Jewish pre-1948 property deed in East Jerusalem, allowing for the legal eviction of dozens of Palestinian families who will be replaced by Jewish families

Dozens of Arab families may be evicted from East Jerusalem neighborhood under court ruling Judges reject appeal by Palestinians claiming to own a large plot in the western portion of Sheikh Jarrah, enabling settlers to move ahead with plans to

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CNN reporter: Network censored footage of Iraq ‘war crime’

A former CNN Iraq correspondent suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder says his employers wouldn’t run footage he filmed of what he describes as a war crime by US troops, an Australian news source reports. Michael Ware, who covered Iraq for

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Chomsky: President Obama is involved in war crimes right now

“President Obama is involved in war crimes right now” Do you consider yourself to be primarily a scientist or a political activist? If the world would go away, I would be happy to keep to the science, which is much

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Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinain schoolgirl

· Officer ignored warnings that teenager was terrified · Defence says ‘confirming the kill’ standard practice An Israeli army officer who fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then said he would have

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