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CNN Fires Rick Sanchez for Remarks in Interview About Jews and the Media

Rick Sanchez, a daytime anchor at CNN, was fired on Friday, a day after telling a radio interviewer that Jon Stewart was a bigot and that “everybody that runs CNN is a lot like Stewart.” The latter comment was made shortly

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Obama Admin. Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks

The Obama administration has asked Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allies to consider criminal charges against Julian Assange for his Afghan war leaks. Philip Shenon reports. The Obama administration is pressing Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allied Western governments to

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UC Irvine’s message: Criticize Israel, get suspended

The university’s proposed one-year suspension of the Muslim Student Union could have a chilling effect on free speech. Students across the country are monitoring events at UC Irvine as pro- Israel groups try to reestablish their deterrence capacity on American

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Journalists Sue St. Paul, Minnesota Over 2008 Republican Convention Arrests

MINNEAPOLIS — Amy Goodman, host of the syndicated “Democracy Now!” news program, and two of her producers filed suit against the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and other defendants Wednesday over their arrests while covering the 2008 Republican National

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Afghan teacher shot dead after condemning suicide bombings as un-Islamic

A teacher was shot to death in northern Afghanistan after he gave a speech condemning suicide bombings, it was revealed today. Abdul Hadi claimed the attacks were un-Islamic and un-Afghan during a speech yesterday in the Archi district of Kunduz

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China blasts Dalai Lama, Pelosi on Tibet

China accused the Dalai Lama on Sunday of stoking Tibetan unrest to sabotage the Beijing Olympics and also berated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she is ignoring the truth about Tibet. This month’s violence in Tibet and neighboring provinces has

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Bin Laden: Pope Helps Anti-Islam Crusade

By PAUL SCHEMM Osama bin Laden accused Pope Benedict XVI of helping in a “new Crusade” against Islam and warned of a “severe” reaction to European publications of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that insulted many Muslims. Bin Laden’s new

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