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Pakistan flood toll rises but international aid fails to flow

Donations far lower than past crises, warns Oxfam, with India offering no relief at all to historical enemy The international response to Pakistan‘s flood emergency has been sluggish and ungenerous compared with relief efforts after previous disasters, a leading aid

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Zardari’s Katrina

Why is Pakistan’s president junketing while his people are drowning? This week, Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, boarded a private Gulfstream Jet along with his family and his hundreds-large entourage to visit the European countries included on the president’s grand

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US networks show different story on Gaza aid flotilla

The US is coming under increasing pressure to take a harsher stance in its dealings with Israel. And the revelation that an American citizen was killed in the flotilla raid has prompted the US to launch its own investigation. But

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The silent tsunami

Food prices are causing misery and strife around the world. Radical solutions are needed   PICTURES of hunger usually show passive eyes and swollen bellies. The harvest fails because of war or strife; the onset of crisis is sudden and

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Google Shines Light on Refugee Camps

  Source: TechNewsWorld Google has partnered with the UN High Commission for Refugees to create an online mapping tool to raise awareness of the plight of millions of refugees. Google Earth Outreach features multiple map layers, each with three levels

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40% of Afghan aid returns to donor countries, says report

Afghanistan is being deprived of $10bn of promised aid, and 40% of the money that has been delivered was spent on corporate profits and consultancy fees, according to a hard-hitting report by aid agencies released today. The failure of western

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Saudi King makes plea for new interfaith dialogue

The Saudi king has made an impassioned plea for dialogue among Muslims, Christians and Jews — the first such proposal from a nation with no diplomatic ties to Israel and a ban on non-Muslim religious services and symbols. The message

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