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Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups

Since the earliest days of the worldwide web, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has seen its rhetorical counterpart fought out on the talkboards and chatrooms of the internet. Now two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in

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U.N. chief says Pakistan flooding is epic, urges aid for victims

UN chief: Never seen anything like Pakistan floods U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls the devastation the worst he has ever seen. The country’s prime minister says as many as 20 million are homeless. ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Pakistan flood toll rises but international aid fails to flow

Donations far lower than past crises, warns Oxfam, with India offering no relief at all to historical enemy The international response to Pakistan‘s flood emergency has been sluggish and ungenerous compared with relief efforts after previous disasters, a leading aid

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Zardari’s Katrina

Why is Pakistan’s president junketing while his people are drowning? This week, Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, boarded a private Gulfstream Jet along with his family and his hundreds-large entourage to visit the European countries included on the president’s grand

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US networks show different story on Gaza aid flotilla

The US is coming under increasing pressure to take a harsher stance in its dealings with Israel. And the revelation that an American citizen was killed in the flotilla raid has prompted the US to launch its own investigation. But

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Reporters Dispute Israeli Account of Raid

Updated | 5:02 p.m. On Thursday, Al Jazeera English broadcast an interview with Jamal Elshayyal, one of the channel’s journalists who was on board the Mavi Marmara on Monday when it was intercepted by Israeli commandos enforcing a naval blockade on Gaza.

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Unconditional support for Israel ‘is dangerous’, say leading European Jews

Anti-settlement petition signed by Bernard Henri-Lévy and others causes division in Jewish community More than 3,000 European Jews, including prominent intellectuals, have signed a petition speaking out against Israeli settlement policies and warning that systematic support for the Israeli government

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