Harvard Professor’s Shocking Proposal: Starve the Palestinians in Gaza into Having Fewer Babies

At a recent conference, Prof. Martin Kramer called for population growth in the Muslim world to be restrained and made a series of other outrageous claims.

Martin Kramer revealed his true colors at the Herzliya Conference, wherein he blamed political violence in the Muslim world on population growth, called for that growth to be restrained, and praised the illegal and unconscionable Israeli blockade of civilian Gazans for its effect on reducing the number of Gazans.

[Commentator] M. J. Rosenberg argued that Kramer’s speech is equivalent to a call for genocide. It certainly is a call for eugenics.

It is shocking that Kramer, who has made a decade-long career of attacking social science understanding of the Middle East and demonizing anyone who departs even slightly from his rightwing Israeli-nationalist political line, should be given a cushy office at Harvard as a ‘fellow’ while spewing the most vile justifications for war crimes like the collective punishment of Gazan children.

Kramer is after all not nobody. He was an adviser to the Giuliani presidential campaign. He is listed as an associate of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the influential think tank in Washington of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He is associated with Daniel Pipe’s ‘Middle East Forum,’ a neo-McCarthyite organization dedicated to harassing American academics who do not toe the political line of Israel’s ruling Likud Party.

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One comment on “Harvard Professor’s Shocking Proposal: Starve the Palestinians in Gaza into Having Fewer Babies
  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says:

    Well, ‘Krammer’ has been incited by “The Mother Nature” to start her job of “Surgical Operations”. The “Mother Earth” is over burdened with so many multitudes of problems, this delinquent child has created to her own survival e.g. global warming, economic crises, hate and etc. I repeat my post here too for the sake of readers of this post as well (slightly edited).

    Hello the offsprings of “Mother Nature”,

    Have you known that a mother can be as cruel as loving too? If not, know it and that is “The Mother Nature” itself. This ‘Mother’ generates, nurtures and finally annihilates too.

    All these ‘World Wars’ so far fought, are her cruel means of the last action, i.e. “Annihilation”. This World is silently being watched by the same “Mother Nature” for your “Delinquent” behaviour. She is now fed up from atrocities and outrage on “Her Modesty” by this ‘Delinquent’ – ‘Human or Who-Man’ child. S/He is going all haywire. She has decided on ‘Her’ surgical operations e.g. Wars, Earthquakes, Psunamis, Draught, Floods, and etc. Are you seeing it all happening?

    This finally brings me to my prophesy. The WWIII, is now knocking the doors of this delinquent child. She has to create the situation for it. So far, you all know that the causes of wars, on this globe has been three: “Women, Wealth and Land”. But this will be a ‘Unique’ war fought for a ’cause’ which is supposed to “Unite”.

    Can you guess? What could be this dichotomous reason which is supposed to ‘Unite’ in the first place, will be such an extreme cause to ‘Divide’ to a point of pushing them to a War? Have you had your pick?

    Well – Well, it is The “R—–E—–L—–l—–G—–I—–O—–N”. Yes, The Religion. I repeat, it will be the Religion. If Prof. Richard Dawkins happen to see my this view here, he may not believe it. Because normally, I am an exponent of “Religion”. But yes, I am prophesying it, not for its right reason, but for its wrong use and practices.

    I give you an example. We buy a ‘Knife’ for cutting vegetables and so many other good uses to put it into. But the same can be, and is used for manslaughter and other criminal purposes too. Can you say that the ‘Knife’ is “Wrong”?

    Unfortunately, the “Knife of Religion” has also been put into a “Wrong” practice of uses for “Man Slaughtering”. However, this discussion will not prevent the next “Holocaust”. It is too late.

    The WWIII will be fought on the “Coffin” of “The Religion” used and advanced for its contemporanious wrong reasons and utility. The “Business of Religion” will die, but the “Spirit of Religion” will re-emerge as an “Eternal Rejuvinated Force”.

    Eat, drink and be merry till then.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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