Violence flares at al-Aqsa mosque

Israeli police said they entered the compound of the al-Aqsa mosque, after a group of Palestinians hurled stones at tourists at the holy site. (Reuters)

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One comment on “Violence flares at al-Aqsa mosque
  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says:

    Well, whether the “Violence was a cause or a result” remain immaterial and a waste of exercise. “Violence has neither a cause nor a reason”. as it serves no purpose at any given logistics. “Hate begets Hate; and Love begets Love”. If one looks at the global etiology of violence in the recent modernity, the major causes immediately come to mind are two: one the colonialism and the other is religion.

    Of the religions, if these three “Desert Religions” that are wreacking havoc in their spurious misplaced notion of “Fast Spread” of their self aggrandised “Superior Cults”, which non of them are. I say so without any malice and respect to them all. It is a religious cult to advance a political superiority for domination of the “World”, which they think is their birth right – a lunatic notion.

    All those who think so, should first learn to know their own “Identity”,”Who They Are”. A ‘Religion’ should show a path to “Agelessness” or “Immortality”. First one should learn to have a control on oneself, before wanting to dominate others. That is/should be the “REAL” message of a “Religion”. Religion is not confined to a particular book or an opinion. It is a matter of “Experience”. Experience it and “Enjoy” it.

    “Enjoy” it will happen only when you first learn to “End (worldly joy) Joy”. Thenafter the “Joy” that will come will be a permanent “JOY”, knowing no limits or bounds. Otherwise you will keep fighting stupidly on “Temples, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues” and so on. Neither you will have a “JOY” nor will you allow others to have it. Unfortunate “Truth”, from which everybody is completely infinitely away. Learn to know the “Truth”.

    Have a good “Fight” so long, till you have made this world a hell. Don’t stop short. It is a matter of ‘pride’.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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