Rep. Alan Grayson: $12 trillion Gone and Nobody Punished

One of the many attributes that I love about Congressman Grayson is that he is consistent in his messaging and has never wavered since joining Congress on his battle to ensure that those that were responsible for ‘the financial meltdown’ of our nation, will not and should not go unpunished.

$12 Trillion dollars represents 20 percent of our Nations accumulated wealth for the past two centuries.  But that figure only represents a small portion of the ‘real’ cost to our country and its citizens to what Congressman Grayson calls a ‘National Tragedy.’

And make no mistake about it, this ‘financial meltdown,’ is a National Tragedy that will not be wished away, minimalized by excuses or apologists of Wall Street, because the financial meltdown has caused a world wide domino effect that is just beginning, and because there has been ‘no accountability or one simple act of real financial reform’ Wall Street is still conducting nefarious ‘looting’ at will, and that poses a national security risk to our entire nation.

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