JFK questions won’t go away

A BBC presenter is talking about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and puts the question, why is the nightmare still so fresh?

Yes, why is that? Of course, he was asking this in 1966 – do you reckon he thought people would still be wondering the same thing 40 years later?

The footage is in a PBS documentary called Oswald’s Ghost. And look, it’s entirely possible you don’t in any way care about the JFK murder, I accept that. SBS is running this on Friday night, which in some circles is also known as Good Friday, so they too appear to be aware that interest could be quite low.

But I don’t care, I’m still going to tell you about it, it’s a really good show. And controversial – it comes out in favour of the lone gunman theory.

Yes, a little bit crazy but there you are. The case that’s made is reasonably persuasive, see what you think. I’m still for the multiple gunmen theory myself, and it’s not just me. Lyndon Johnson never believed Oswald acted alone, nor do most Americans – 70 per cent, according to this. You could maybe – maybe – accept that Lee Harvey Oswald did it on his own if he hadn’t been himself killed by Jack Ruby a couple of days later. So suss.

And I agree with Tom Hayden, the big political activist who’s interviewed here – he was also Mr Jane Fonda for an amount of time – and who says that whenever it looked like the progressive majority was coming to power in the 1960s, it was interrupted by killings, killings performed by unknown forces. JFK in 1963, followed by Martin Luther King then Bobby Kennedy in 1968. So when you look at it that way, well, clearly there’s more to it than just some bloke going to work one day and shooting the president.

There is a range of material featured here – FBI phone conversations, archives, various influential people, including Dan Rather, Norman Mailer, Robert Dallek, Mark Lane and Gary Hart, who ran for president a couple of times in the 1980s and ended up being tarnished by a sex scandal. He’s got some interesting things to say about the CIA.

And have you seen the Oliver Stone movie JFK? Do you remember how Kevin Costner played District Attorney Jim Garrison? And how he was a total hero? We get a somewhat different view of him here . . .

I really liked this. And I kept thinking what Michael Corleone says in the second Godfather film – if history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone.


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