Want Votes? Take On Nader’s Issues

Instead of criticizing Ralph Nader for exercising his rights as an American citizen to run for public office, Adrienne Fulco should be encouraging her Democratic Party candidate to adopt Nader’s positions on the issues.

If Barack Obama campaigned for true universal, single-payer health care, slashing the military budget and ending corporate abuses of power, there would be no need for a progressive third-party candidate. Remember, the two major political parties do not own the political process.

Equally troubling is the continued insistence by some Democrats that Nader, all by himself, lost the 2000 election for Al Gore. Why, out of all the factors that contributed to that fiasco (Gore losing his home state, five other third-party candidates pulling more votes in Florida than needed by Gore to win, the Democrats not fighting harder during the Florida recount and court proceedings), do they continue to pick on old Ralph?

If the Democrats want my vote, they should stop scapegoating Ralph and start being more democratic.

via//Hartford Courant
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One comment on “Want Votes? Take On Nader’s Issues
  1. RalphOn says:

    Very well said. I’m alarmed by the intensity of intolerance within the “movement” for anybody who wants to engage an internal debate. Their increasing abhorrence for discussion makes Nader more and more relevant. We wouldn’t need Nader if the “debates” weren’t such a farce.

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