Report: Pelosi & AIPAC blackmail Kucinich to drop impeachment or lose Congress seat

Exclusive to New Jersey Impeach Groups – — We received a phone call today from a source in the Kucinich for President campaign, telling us there’s more to the story of Rep. Kucinich’s withdrawal than is publicly known. The source gave us permission to publish this, but without attribution. We can say the source is high up in the campaign. Most progressives are aware there’s been a large flood of money feeding a campaign by Cleveland City Council democrat Joe Cimperman, who seeks to win the primary for Dennis Kucinich’s seat in Ohio’s 10th congressional district, where Dennis has served the interests of working people for 6 consecutive terms — since 1996. Here’s the rest of the story, untold ‘til now. Before the Nevada primary, Dennis was visited by representatives of Nancy Pelosi and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — AIPAC. They told Dennis that if he would drop his campaigns to impeach Cheney and Bush, they would guarantee his re-election to the House of Representatives.

Kucinich threw them out of his office.

Dennis now faces the toughest election campaign of his entire tenure in congress, with huge amounts of money being spent to turn his constituents against him due to “his neglect of his district while he ran for president.” Citizens should legitimately ask where Cimperman’s immense media warchest comes from.

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2 comments on “Report: Pelosi & AIPAC blackmail Kucinich to drop impeachment or lose Congress seat
  1. incogman says:

    AIPAC and the Israel Lobby have totally corrupted our political process. Now, that we see pretty much who will win the primaries, the question needs to be asked: Who really has won the election months before it’s even held? Israel. Because these candidates all know that they have to toe the Zionist line or have similar efforts or even worse against them.
    Even my lowly blog is censored to a degree by these people:

    Pelosi, et al are nothing but owned politicians in the service of the Globalist and the Zionist. Figure it out. You’ll never hear it on the mainstream news just like 9/11 and the blatantly obvious North American Union.

    We’re chumps and have always been so.

  2. […] Kucinich, the news goes, was told by representatives from AIPAC and metropolis Pelosi during his statesmanly vie that if he would modify HR 333, the calculate that would criminate Dick Cheney, they would “guarantee” him re-election to the House. This came from broad up in the Kucinich campaign, which automatically elevates it from a plain rumor. So Kucinich is substantially on his artefact to effort re-elected for the ordinal instance and HR 333 is ease on the table, to reiterate Scarecrow of the House Pelosi. So hats soured to Kucinich’s base. […]

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