The Better Ron Paul Does, The More He Will Be Ignored

The better Ron Paul does the less air time he gets, suggests’s Jennifer Reynolds

MSNBC held a debate last night and did all they could to pretend Ron Paul was not there.  Ron Paul, the man who is moving up in the poles, the man who actually has support and money (his supporters sent him 1.8 million dollars this past Monday with an average of a fifty dollar donation), the man who knows more about economics than all the candidates on stage put together was ignored to such an extent it was shameful.  Here are the candidates, the  number of questions asked and the time they took to answer them:  Romney: 13 questions, 21:11 minutes; McCain 13 questions, 16:00 minutes; Giuliani (who so far has come in last in nearly every primary except for one fourth place finish – oh, and he is so broke his staff is working for free) 11 questions: 13:50 minutes; Huckabee was asked nine questions, 12:11 minutes and Ron Paul, the man who the media does not see only got 6 questions and was allowed a measly 6:31 minutes to respond.  This is what you call a fair debate?

In this debate they used a lovely little new segment where the candidates asked each other questions and what a surprise, no one wanted to hear Ron Paul tell America anything and so they ignored him completely.  Ron Paul however got to ask McCain a question about economics (McCain had just finished saying how well versed he was on the topic) and McCain was so lost all he could do was talk about advisers, and rattle off a list of names.  He was clueless, completely clueless.  So much for being well versed if you can’t even follow a question, let alone come up with an answer.  It was truly embarassing.

To make matters worse, after the debate was over they had a graphic on the screen over and over showing how the candidates were doing in the polls.  How is Paul doing you ask?  Sorry, cannot tell you that.  They had numbers for each of them except Ron Paul.  It is as if he does not exist at all.  Finally, the pundits weighed in and crowed over Romney, they were pleased with McCain, they liked Huckabee, they interviewed Giuliani right away and after pundit after pundit took the stage to spout off their opinions not one, not one single person mentioned Ron Paul.

So, what did Ron Paul tell the people of this country?  Well, I’ll tell you, because no one else will.  He said he would protect Social Security for those that are on it or nearing retirement age.  He said he would make Social Security benefits tax-free.  This is rather important to those that are living on a fixed income that get a 2% cost of living increase each year while the true cost of inflation rises around 10% (the discrepancy comes from the fact that the Consumer Price Index that supposedly measures inflation leaves out food, fuel and housing costs in its analysis).

Ron Paul also was the only man on the stage who has any viability with the American people.  According to the moderators, a new poll shows that 6 out of 10 Americans now think that going after Saddam Hussein and attacking Iraq was not worth the cost in lives and dollars.  Ron Paul is the only man on that stage who agreed with Americans and who has held this position the whole time.  He voted against the war, he explained that a large reason our dollar is crashing is because the Federal Reserve has to print the money to finance the war which brings down the value of the dollar, and we are spending one trillion dollars a year on our empire building with troops in over one hundred countries.  Folks – we are broke, Ron Paul knows why and how to fix it.

Another little, rather overlooked trifle of an issue was brought up that night- the recognition that our Armed Forces are on their last legs and a draft may be imminent.  Ron Paul was the only man on the stage who will save our children from being forcefully removed from their homes, handed a gun and put in a bullet’s path.  Most of the men in the debate simply buried their head in the sand and pretended that none of that is true and that is how they are going to protect your children:  by putting their hands on their ears and saying LA LA LA LA LA LA.  Ron Paul, who warned about this upcoming draft a long time ago has the only real solution: end the war. If you end the war there can be no need for a draft.  Romney stated that although the military needs another 400,000 troops, he would just add 100,000 (out of thin air perhaps?) and ignored the need for any more.  (LA LA LA LA LA LA LA).  Romney also explained how he got a bunch of people to sign up for the military in his home state by promising them a full college scholarship if they made it back alive.  Sorry Mitt, the Army has been trying that for years even adding a twenty thousand dollar bonus for enlisting plus an additional nine thousand if they ship out in thirty days PLUS the college scholarship is not enough to get people to go to Iraq.  If he ever read the papers he would know that his suggestion has been tried and failed two years ago and that plan is not working.  (LA LA LA LA LA LA LA).

Stay tuned to hear the real news, not some biased form of who we have crowned, and my next article will focus on Ron Paul’s economic stimulus plan.  After all, it’s the economy dummy.

The fat cats must really be terrified of Paul and his plan to end their reign of stealing from the rest of us.  Next time, perhaps, they will just gray out the little pixels around Ron Paul so no will know he exists at all.  Folks, this is abominable treatment by the media.  If you think so too, please let them know.

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