Bhutto heir takes center stage

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, 19, center stage today in London. (Photo: Matt Dunham/AP)

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, 19, has resumed his college career after an extraordinarily intense trip home to Pakistan, where he endured the assassination of his mother and the new burden of following in her footsteps as chairman of the country’s largest opposition political party.

But he would not get to return to his dormitory preserve at Christ Church, one of the poshest colleges at Oxford University, before facing off with the notoriously irrepressible London press corps.

Despite receiving “somewhat of a rough ride from the U.K. press pack,” as The London Times put it, he was clearly well prepared to be in the saddle, scoring strong sound bites and bits of praise for his overall performance (”accomplished,” “confident“).

When they pushed on his lack of experience, he conceded the obvious and focused on the future like a P.R. pro. “Although I admit that my experience to date is limited, I intend to learn,” he said.

Asked about the investigation into the killing of his mother, Benazir Bhutto, he singled out Pakistan’s longtime military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, as untrustworthy and called for a U.N.-led inquiry.

Given a chance to speak on behalf of the opposition, he found a worthy line, too: “I fear for my country,’’ he said, according to Bloomberg News. “I fear if free and fair elections are not held, it may disintegrate.’’

By the way, he wasn’t handed the title of chairman of the Pakistan People Party “like some piece of family furniture,” he said, and neither did he covet it.

“I do not claim to have any aspiration,” Mr. Bhutto said, according to BBC News. “I was called and I stepped up to do what I was asked to do.”

And at one point, he mocked his questioners for being fooled by a prankster impersonating him on Facebook, the social networking site. And he did so “gently,” The Times of London said.

That affair — and not various threats on his life — represented his main concern now that he’s back in college, he told the paper: “I fear more for my privacy.”

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7 comments on “Bhutto heir takes center stage
  1. Rahat ul ain Shabeer says:

    i thing BILAWAL is the best choice for the leadership of PPP. Although he is young but but he took birth in a political family so he will be definetly knowing about politics.

  2. Shahid Ali Brohi says:

    i thing BILAWAL is the best choice for the leadership of PPP. Although he is young but but he took birth in a political family so he will be definetly knowing about politics.

  3. Rehabman says:

    I am following the news regarding the Pakistan Politics. I was fascinated and impressed with the late-great Benzir Bhutto. Her senseless and act of cowardice assasination made me felt bad for the Pakistani people. I am not really sure if the heir, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, will be as good as his mother. But what I know is that the people who believe in the ideals and aspirations of PPP can only hope for the best and that somehow Bilawal will take them to the place where the late Benazir dreamed of.

  4. rimsha says:

    i think he is a good politician and maintain our pakistan best..

  5. fiaz javed says:

    i luv benazir bhutto.she was fantastic.i hav neva seen such a women n pakistan.jiye bhutto

  6. faiza javed says:

    i think so fatima bhutto will be better than bilawal,aftrall she z d daughter of bhutto.

  7. H.S. says:

    I think its too soon to judge Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Hardly anyone knows anything about him and no one knows if he will be a good leader for pakistan or if he even wants to lead.

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