Pollsters and pundits retreating from the Ron Paul juggernaut

Pollsters and media pundits have been slowly starting the inventible retreat from the Ron Paul juggernaut. Throughout the campaign, media pundits and pollsters have been claiming that Ron Paul did not have support and was at only 1-4% in polls.

Two new polls in New Hampshire have now placed Paul at 7% and John Zogby told Sean Hannity today that he thinks Paul can get 15-18% in New Hampshire.

Media reports have also floated the idea that the once invincible Rudy Giuliani may not win any primaries until Super Tuesday, yet still be a viable candidate.

The sudden shift in opinions from the expert pollsters and pundits may be partly due to Ron Paul’s record 4.2 million dollar one-day money grab. The crowd of 5,000 people that showed up to a Ron Paul rally in Philadelphia this past Saturday might also have made it obvious that the polls have been wrong.

Pundits and pollsters are still clinging to the notion that Paul can’t win. They are citing polling data as evidence to back up their opinions.

This weekend in an interview right after the Philadelphia rally, Paul effectively linked two major issues in this campaign. Paul maintained that U.S. foreign policy is bankrupting America and adversely affecting the economy.

An article on Tuesday claimed that the Iraq and Afghanistan war costs are $1.6 Trillion dollars. Reports like that boost Paul’s message of military non interventionism and that ‘maintaining empire overseas’ is bankrupting the U.S.

If Paul can continue to link foreign policy, monetary policy, and the economy, his support may increase. Visit the USA Daily Forum to discuss this and other issues.

Source: USA Daily

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3 comments on “Pollsters and pundits retreating from the Ron Paul juggernaut
  1. Micah Tillman says:

    I still don’t see how his message as a whole is going to not alienate both Republicans and Democrats. Only Libertarians think like he does, and there aren’t very many of them.

  2. John Galt says:

    There is a strong undercurrent of libertarianism in the U.S., especially in rural areas, much greater than conventional wisdom might suggest. They typically vote republican, but they are mad as Hell at Bush and the Neocons, so they are not going to support someone with policies like Bush, and they sure as hell are not going to vote democrat.

    Then there are some democrats that don’t like the fake antiwar stance of the major candidates, might they hold their nose and vote republican ?

    If your main issues are the War in Iraq, and civil liberties here at home, Ron Paul is your guy.
    If you like Economic AND social freedom, Ron Paul is your guy.

    If you want Globalization to look like Google instead of Haliburton, Ron Paul is your guy.

  3. Most of the early phone polls did not list Ron Paul by name. Mere coincidence?

    Remember the three kinds of lies: “lies, damn lies, and statistics”.

    Approximately 5,000 supporters show up in Philadelphia recently, and CNN reports 1,000. The credibility gap widens. The media outlets have some work to do to redeem themselves.

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