“War Propaganda” On Iran: Ron Paul | CNBC GOP Debate 10.9.07

The GOP presidential debate in Detroit today was ostensibly about the economy (more on that later). Soon enough, however, the topic turned to foreign policy, most notably Iran. Moderator Chris Matthews asked the contenders if they believed a future president possessed the the authority to attack Iran without Congressional approval. Apparently unaware that the Constitution gives only Congress the power to declare war, the GOP candidates answered, by and large, yes. They could attack Iran, if it posed an imminent threat, without consulting the Congress.

Mitt Romney said he’d have to check with his lawyers. But he vowed to “take action necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” By my recollection, all the rest of the candidates said pretty much the same thing.

Only Ron Paul, as has so often been the case in the debates, forcefully dissented. “Why don’t we just open up the Constitution and read it!” said an exasperated Paul. “The idea that Iran is on the verge of an imminent attack is just preposterous!”

He summed up the foreign policy views of his competitors thusly: “This is just war propaganda!”

Source: The Nation

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