Barksdale Nukes: Are the Neocons Attempting to Frame Iran?

It’s a crazy theory, but one that holds water in the up-is-down era of Bushzarro.

Larry Johnson, who worked for the CIA and the Department of State’s Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, looks behind “the hubbub over a B-52 taking off from a B-52 base in Minot, North Dakota and subsequently landing at a B-52 base in Barksdale, Louisiana,” an event he equates to “getting excited if you see a postal worker in uniform walking out of a post office.”

In order to get to the bottom of the seemingly mundane event, Johnson “called a old friend and retired B-52 pilot” and asked him about it. “What he told me offers one compelling case of circumstantial evidence. My buddy, let’s call him Jack D. Ripper, reminded me that the only times you put weapons on a plane is when they are on alert or if you are tasked to move the weapons to a specific site.”

“Barksdale Air Force Base is being used as a jumping off point for Middle East operations. Gee, why would we want cruise missile nukes at Barksdale Air Force Base. Can’t imagine we would need to use them in Iraq. Why would we want to preposition nuclear weapons at a base conducting Middle East operations?” muses Johnson. “His final point was to observe that someone on the inside obviously leaked the info that the planes were carrying nukes. A B-52 landing at Barksdale is a non-event. A B-52 landing with nukes. That is something else.”

Johnson gives the benefit of the doubt, even though this can be dangerous while walking upright in Bushzarro world. “Now maybe there is an innocent explanation for this? I can’t think of one. What is certain is that the pilots of this plane did not just make a last minute decision to strap on some nukes and take them for a joy ride. We need some tough questions and clear answers. What the hell is going on? Did someone at Barksdale try to indirectly warn the American people that the Bush Administration is staging nukes for Iran? I don’t know, but it is a question worth asking.”

Not a question that will be asked by the compliant corporate media, so fond of paving over neocon lies and even, most notably in the case of the neocon shill and traitor Judith Miller at the supposedly “liberal” New York Times, doing somersaults in the service of mass murder.

Blogger Eric Garris hopes not. “We need responsible officers that are unwilling to let our leaders get away with dragging us closer to war,” Garris writes in response to Johnson’s wondering out loud.

Certainly an admirable sentiment. But not one firmly hitched to reality, as these same officers allowed the neocons to take over the Pentagon. In normal, non-Bushzarro times, these same officers, moved to outrage, would run down the neocons lurking in Pentagon halls, tar and feather them, and ride them out of town on a rail, as our forefathers did to snake oil salesmen and other such scalawags.

Now? Far too many military men and women fret over career advancement and a big fat handsome pension, same as “journalists” in the corporate media make sure to not report the news—that is to say, news not distributed by neocons—for fear of losing their condos and beamers.

As for the former, it really is too bad. Because if the neocons manage to trick them into shellacking Iran, no shortage of them may not live long enough to collect on the princely pension.

Source: Another Day in the Empire

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