What Montebello NAU Meeting?

On page one of Fox News, we learn that “ubermodel” Heidi Klum is working with Victoria Secret’s to promote a “new breast booster: Body By Victoria Full Coverage Uplift,” and yet not a word about Bush’s plan to sell the country down the river next month at the Security and Prosperity Partnership summit in Quebec. All the news fit to print, I guess, or rather post. Of course, it is no secret the corporate media is ignoring this story—not breasts, mind you, but treason.

Open your browser and enter “Security and Prosperity Partnership” in Google News search. Google returns recent articles from the National Ledger, Infoshop News, Bay Area Indymedia, the Free Market News Network, the Hindustan Times, and a bevy of Canadian news sources, including the Ottawa Citizen and the Nova News Now, but nary a trace of any reportage from the likes of the New York Times or the Washington Post. You’d think Bush trekking off the Canada would be news, but no. Instead, we get Full Coverage Uplift news.

“If you don’t know what the Security and Prosperity Partnership is, welcome to the crowd. Most people have never heard of it, even though it is clearly the framework by which three countries—the United States, Mexico and Canada—could give up their sovereignty in order to band together in some kind of new North American Union,” writes Frank Miele for the Daily Interlake, a newspaper reaching a whopping 17,500 people out in the boonies of northwest Montana. “I was one of those people who used to laugh at the idea of a North American Union…. And if you are foolish enough to talk about it in public, you are dismissed as a paranoid kook or a right-wing goon.”

As Jerome R. Corsi notes on the usually stock and trade neocon World Net Daily, despite “evidence to the contrary, Vice President Dick Cheney says there is no ’secret plan’ to create a continent-crossing superhighway to help facilitate a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada.” Cheney told a “constituent” the “administration is not engaged in a secret plan to create a ‘NAFTA super highway.’” Indeed, it may be said Cheney is pulling a George Washington “never told a lie” routine, because the plan to criss-cross the United States with NAFTA super corridors glutted with Mexican semi trucks ferrying cheap goods manufactured by Chinese slaves is not a secret, it is simply that the corporate media is not reporting it, thus people like Mr. Miele feel foolish talking about it in public. If you don’t want to be relegated to the tinfoil hat brigade, stick to Full Coverage Uplift.

“Bush Quebec” entered in Google returns nada, or almost nothing. Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, makes mention of the summit to sell out the United States, Canada, and Mexico in the National Ledger, otherwise we confront silence. The London Free Press (Ontario, Canada) reports “Prime Minister Stephen Harper phoned U.S. President George W. Bush yesterday as the two leaders prepare for the North American leaders’ summit” next month in Montebello, Quebec. No mention of the SPP or the plan to merge nations, although a recent Harper trip to Latin America is billed as “free-trade negotiations,” as in the freedom to pillage, rob, swindle, and hold fire sales with the property of Latin Americans, a long accepted—at least by mobster heads of state and “investment” bankers—policy under the rubric of “globalism,” now touted as an inevitability and irreversible by the corporate media.

It seems Corsi is tireless when it comes to warning folks of the SPP agenda. “A multinational business agenda is driving the upcoming summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, according to a document obtained through an Access to Information Act request in Canada,” Corsi reported last month. “The memo shows a secondary focus of the leaders’ meeting in Montebello, Quebec, Aug. 20-21, will be to prepare for a continental avian flu or human pandemic and establish a permanent continental emergency management coordinating body to deal not only with health emergencies but other unspecified emergencies as well.”

Is it possible our rulers will use an avian flu epidemic to stampede us into a North American Union scheme, sort of the same way they stampeded us into disemboweling the Constitution and Bill of Rights after nine eleven?

Maybe. But then, of course, I am a “paranoid kook” and “a right-wing goon,” although I am hardly “foolish enough to talk about it in public.”

Source: Another Day in the Empire

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2 comments on “What Montebello NAU Meeting?
  1. Ed Largy says:

    this is proof that the nwo wackos have the power of the big money wackos and when money talks people walk.

  2. sarah webster says:

    In support of this article regarding the SPP and the superhighway, I believe that evidence may be found in the interesting news that MR CORORATE>>>Ted Turner >>>> is buying up land in the area of the proposed corridor from Mexico to Canada. I find it fascinating that Turner and the Clintons are obviously “in bed ” together, and that Hilary favors amnessty and drivers licenses for illegals….knowing that her husband signed NAFTA into law, makes me wonder how much money is enough for people like turner???? And do the Clintons want to be KING AND QUEEN of the NAU? or is money changing hands?

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